Ian Mortimer


Forthcoming Books
These books have been commissioned.

The Time Traveller's Guide to Regency Britain
If you find yourself in Britain in the years 1790-1830 - the age of Jane Austen and Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Beau Brummell, Horatio Nelson, William Pitt and Lord Liverpool, Castelreagh and Canning - where will you stay? What will you eat? What laws will you need to obey? What diseases will kill you? The fourth volume in the Time Traveller's Guide series will be published in the UK by The Bodley Head in 2019, and in the USA by Pegasus.

Warrior of the Roses
The life of Richard Plantagenet (1411-1460), duke of York, father of Edward IV and Richard III. This book has been under contract with The Bodley Head for some while now but has had to be delayed because of more pressing projects. It will appear in 2020/1.