Ian Mortimer


The Outcasts of Time

Reviewer's comments

'Beautifully written and superbly executed' (Antonia Senior, The Times, 3 June 2017.)

'An absolutely riveting walk through time. The moment I heard about The Outcasts of Time I knew I had to read it, the premise is just fascinating... Ian Mortimer encourages architecture and countryside to come alive with vibrant strokes of the pen. The Outcasts of Time surprises, captivates and is an eye-opening foray into the past.' (Liz Robinson, writing on Lovereading, 6 June 2017.)

'This clever and moving Faustian tale is packed with fascinating historical detail.' (Kate Atherton, Daily Express, 6 June 2017.)

'The Outcasts of Time is a tour de force, rich in spellbinding detail. Haunting and atmospheric, there is warmth and humour alongside fear and torment; all human life is here. As perfect a novel as any I've ever read.' (Ophelia Sings, writing on Goodreads, 3 March 2017, having been sent an advance reader's copy.)

'A beautifully written tale of humanity, history and hope, The Outcasts of Time is an immensely impressive read from historian Ian Mortimer, and a tale that educates, entertains, and touches the reader. Both a journey through time and a journey through what makes a man.' (Luke Marlowe, writing for The Bookbag, 14 March 2017, having been sent an advance reader's copy.)