Ian Mortimer


The Perfect King

'This is a story which - for its boldness of interpretation, success in evoking this vanished medieval world, and sheer narrative élan - deserves to be widely read.' (John Adamson, The Sunday Times).

'An excellent biography; entertaining as well as informative.'(Allan Massie, The Daily Telegraph).

'Brilliant historical writing and a strong candidate for biography of the year.'(Brian Morton, Scottish Sunday Herald).

'A tense, terrific book... A fascinating portrait.' (The Economist)

'The pace, commitment and gusto of his writing give his narrative real momentum. He has a talent for summoning up the scenes of Edward's military triumphs with immediacy and verve, and he relishes the king's role not only as a diplomat and strategist but also as an intelligent patron of the arts, architecture and technological innovation.' (Helen Castor, The Sunday Telegraph).

'Richly detailed... like all stimulating works of history, The Perfect King provides food for thought about modern parallels while being set firmly in its own time.' (Antonia Fraser, Mail on Sunday).

'He writes with enthusiasm and real knowledge... the industry and energy that has gone into his work are clearly in evidence. He can write an excellent account of a battle, and has an eye for the detail concealed in arcane records... He can sustain our interest through the politics and economics of Edward's wars, and he always keeps Edward in the forefront of his picture.' (Richard Barber, Literary Review).

'Mortimer argues that [Edward III] was a great man and a great king. It is hard to disagree.' (Jane Stevenson, Scotland on Sunday).

'An engrossing, highly readable book... A marvellous example of why history has leapt to publishing frontlists.' (The Book Magazine).

Last updated 10 May 2006