Ian Mortimer


Why Running Matters
Lessons in Life, Pain and Exhilaration - from 5K to the Marathon

A few photographs to illustrate the year...

December 2016

The start of the very first parkrun at Torbay Velopark - and the first run described in the book, 31 December 2016.

The Mortimer family runners after the first run, 31 December 2016. From left to right: Oliver, Ian, Tom and Robbie

February 2017

Is that really me smiling while running? A rare photo, if it is. This was the first outing for the running shirt with the book covers on the front...

... and on the back.

March 2017

Definitely not smiling here. The last few agonising steps of the Bath Half Marathon, 12/3/2017. This was the epitome of how NOT to run 13.1 miles.

May 2017

The start of a Parke parkrun, photographed while I was volunteering. One of the most beautiful settings for a run anywhere. But a nasty, nasty hill awaits all these runners in less than a hundred yards.

July 2017

The Preston Park parkrun, 22/7/2017, did not make it into the book. But here I am on the home straight in hot pursuit of someone who has just overtaken me...

August 2017

The parkrun de la Ramee, Toulouse. A pop-up cafe and social gathering as well as a parkrun.

Alexander (second from left) charged off and for a few seconds was leading the Hove Promenade parkrun, 19 August 2017. I am just behind him (photo from Hove Promenade flikr group).

October 2017

Here's a face of concentration, slogging up the mile-long ascent past the University of Exeter on the Great West Run.

November 2017

Alexander with arms aloft, showing off at the start of the Parke parkrun, 25/11/2017.

December 2017

The expression on this chap's face as I overtake him in the closing stages of the Portsmouth Marathon is priceless. 17/12/2017 (photo by IanBurnettPhotography.co.uk).

Ian finishing the Portsmouth Marathon in an ecstatic mood - although you wouldn't guess it from my facial expression! 17/12/2017 (photo by IanBurnettPhotography.co.uk).

A proud father and his son after the Parke parkrun, 23/12/2017.

The strange light at Hove Promenade, before the last parkrun of the year, 30/12/2017. The sun seemed magnified and white, and everything was black and white when you looked that way. Look in the opposite direction and all the colours were psychedelic.

The start of the last parkrun of the year. I am in my white literary shirt (as usual) in the middle.

Alexander leading me on the last parkrun of the year. Pity you can't see the 25mph headwind.

Finishing the last parkrun of the year.

Oliver grimacing as he finishes the last parkrun of the year, and declares 'that was the worst parkrun ever!'

The Mortimer family runners after the last parkrun of the year, Hove Promenade. From left to right: Tom, Ian, Oliver, Alexander and Robbie.