Ian Mortimer


Why Running Matters
Lessons in Life, Pain and Exhilaration - from 5K to the Marathon


Author's note
Chapter 1: The Jewel of Equality
Chapter 2: A Well-Tailored Life
Chapter 3: The Competitiveness Scale
Chapter 4: Recklessness
Chapter 5: It's about Time
Chapter 6: Uniqueness
Chapter 7: Extraordinary People
Chapter 8: Numbers
Chapter 9: Does It Matter?
Chapter 10: Irrepressibility
Chapter 11: Humility and Humiliation
Chapter 12: Fussiness
Chapter 13: Nature versus Nurture
Chapter 14: Healthy Ambition
Chapter 15: Too Good to be True
Chapter 16: Marriage
Chapter 17: Running is your Friend
Chapter 18: Running for Office
Chapter 19: Volunteering
Chapter 20: Some Run to Remember, Some to Forget
Chapter 21: Optimism
Chapter 22: The Truest Inheritance
Chapter 23: Starting Too Fast
Chapter 24: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
Chapter 25: How Far Can You Dream?
Chapter 26: The Vegetarian's Gift of Steak
Chapter 27: Benevolent Competitiveness
Chapter 28: The Gentleman's Triathlon
Chapter 29: Is Age Just a Number?
Chapter 30: Pilgrimage
Chapter 31: Passion
Chapter 32: The Landscape of Thinking
Chapter 33: Family and Familiarity
Chapter 34: Decision-Making
Chapter 35: The Heart of Things
Chapter 36: Endurance
Chapter 37: Old Age
Chapter 38: The Inspiration to be Inspirational
Chapter 39: The Marathon
Chapter 40: The Showdown
Chapter 41: The Sky Beneath our Feet

[N.b. The first edition paperback and the audiobook have an extra chapter 'Desire' that was cut from the reprint and the ebook]