Ian Mortimer


Future appearances

  • Tuesday 11 July 2023, 7:30
    The Harberton and Harbertonford History Society
    A talk in St Andrew's Church, Harberton, about The Time Traveller's Guide to Regency Britain.
  • Tuesday 1 August 2023
    The Mortimer History Society
    Two talks for the event - to be held at the Tower of London - to mark the 700th anniversary of the escape from the Tower of Roger Mortimer (1287-1330), and to launch the Society's new book, Dynasty of Destiny: The Mortimers of Wigmore in the Middle Ages, 1066–1485, to which I have contributed a chapter on Sir John Mortimer (d. 1424). The first of my talks will be on the pre-1322 career of Roger Mortimer; the second will be on Sir John Mortimer - who also escaped from the Tower, twice - and the demise of the family in the early fifteenth century. Tickets are available through this link.



  • Tuesday 26 September 2023, 7:30
    East Prawle History Society
    A talk in the parish church (Chivelstone) about Medieval Horizons. Open to non-members.
  • Thursday 2 May 2024, 7:30
    Woodbury History Society
    A talk about Medieval Horizons, to be held in St Swithun's Church. Open to non-members.
  • 6-8 September 2024 [date & time tba]
    Historical Novels Society
    A talk for the Society's annual conference about taking different perspectives on the past.