Ian Mortimer


TV and Radio Broadcasts

  1. Saturday 25 February 2023
    Times Radio
    Interview with Hugo Rifkind about Medieval Horizons

  2. Monday 15 March 2021
    BBC Radio Somerset
    Interview with Charlie Taylor about The Time Traveller's Guide to Regency Britain

  3. Friday 22 January 2021
    Talk Radio
    Interview with Mark Dolan about the University of Leciester removing pre-1500 literature from its English literature syllabus.

  4. Friday 20 November 2020
    Talk Radio
    Interview with Kevin O'Sullivan about The Time Traveller's Guide to Regency Britain

  5. Saturday 29 August 2020
    Westdeutscher Rundfunk
    Interview with Nicole Strecker about Shakespeares Welt, the German-language edition of The Time Traveller's Guide to Elizabethan England. It can be heard here.

  6. Wednesday 10 January 2020
    BBC Radio Devon
    Guest on Vic Morgan's afternoon show (while he is standing in for Janet Kipling), talking about Why Running Matters

  7. Wednesday 9 October 2019
    BBC Radio Devon
    Guest on David Fitzgerald's morning show, talking about Why Running Matters

  8. Saturday 16 December 2017
    BBC Radio Five
    Guest on Danny Baker's Radio 5 show, talking about the Time Traveller's Guides.

  9. Sunday 1 October 2017
    Newstalk.com, Ireland
    An interview for the programme, 'Talking history'.

  10. Monday 12 June 2017
    BBC Radio London
    An interview about the new novel, The Outcasts of Time.

  11. Sunday 11 June 2017
    BBC Radio Two
    An interview about my novel, The Outcasts of Time.

  12. Wednesday 24 May 2017
    Talk Radio Europe
    An interview about the new novel, The Outcasts of Time.

  13. Monday-Friday 1-5 May 2017
    Essential Classics, BBC Radio Three
    A set of interviews with Sarah Walker for Essential Classics. Normally this involves a celebrated person discussing his or her favourite classical music. In this anniversary year of the Reformation, I chose instead to talk about how music informs us about the past. Thus my five programmes each have a historical theme. On Monday I talked about the Reformation and the music connected with it; on Tuesday, the early Middle Ages; on Wednesday, the later Middle Ages; on Thursday, the Renaissance; and on Friday, two pieces of music that have particularly inspired me. Also on the Friday, Sarah selected for me a piece of music for me to consider: in this case it was a piece of pre-Reformation choral music that immediately conjured up a striking image in my mind. The whole series of interviews is available as a single downloadable podcast, see http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0521gsy.

  14. Tuesday 11 April 2017
    BBC Radio Devon
    An interview with Gordon Sparks about the best views in the country, and what Devon (and particularly Dartmoor) has to offer.

  15. Monday 19 December 2016
    Napa Valley Radio (USA)
    An interview about Millennium with Jeff Schechtman.

  16. Wedneday 23 November 2016
    KPFA (USA)
    An hour-long interview about Millennium with Mitch Jesserich on his 'Letters and Politics' show. A download of this is available at the KPFA website

  17. Monday 14 November 2016
    SiriusXM (USA)
    An interview about Millennium with John Fulgesang on his 'Tell me Everything' show.

  18. Monday 21 December 2015
    Radio 24 (Italy)
    Interview about Il libro dei secoli (aka Human Race).

  19. Tuesday 10 November 2015
    BBC Radio Devon
    Interview about the changes of the past ten centuries.

  20. Saturday 19 September 2015
    BBC Radio Devon
    Interview with Michael Jecks about the inspiration I find in living in Devon and being from an old Devon family.

  21. Monday 5 January 2015
    Newstalk Radio, Ireland
    A brief interview about my new book, Centuries of Change on the Moncrieff Show.

  22. Tuesday 11 November 2014
    BBC Radio Wales
    Talking to Eleri Sion about my new book, Centuries of Change.

  23. Thursday 23 October 2014
    Talk Radio Europe
    Talking to Bill Padley about my new book, Centuries of Change.

  24. Thursday 9 October 2014
    BBC Radio Gloucester
    Talking to Joanna Durrant about being at Cheltenham Literature Festival this year and about my new book, Centuries of Change.

  25. Sunday 17 August 2014
    Channel Four
    Speaking about Richard III as part of the documentary Richard III: the new evidence.

  26. Sunday 6 April 2014
    Channel Four
    Speaking about Edward III and his reign as part of The Return of the Black Death, a Secret History documentary.

  27. Thursday 24 October 2013
    BBC Radio Devon
    I was a guest on the Judi Spiers Show, talking about Elizabethan history.

  28. Friday 31 May, 7 & 14 June 2013
    BBC Two
    A three-part series based on my book, The Time Traveller's Guide to Elizabethan England. Produced by 360 Production.Click here for details on the BBC website.

  29. Monday 18 February 2013
    BBC Four
    Episode Two of The Hundred Years War, presented by Dr Nina Ramirez and directed by Serena Davies. I do a short slot at the start and another at the end.

  30. Wednesday 7 November 2012
    BBC Four
    The three-part series by Clarissa Dixon-Wright, 'Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner' included a short interview with me about the origins of breakfast.

  31. Monday 1 October 2012
    Radio Nantes, France
    Interview with Richard O'Brien about Elizabethan England.

  32. Friday 13 July 2012
    BBC Radio York
    Talking about the senses in Elizabethan England.

  33. Monday 16 April 2012
    BBC Radio Devon
    Talking about the historical building, 'Higher Uppacott', owned by Dartmoor National Park Authority, on the show hosted by Shep and Jo.

  34. Sunday 10 April 2012
    Newstalk, Ireland
    Live interview about Elizabethan England on the Moncrieff Show.

  35. Saturday 31st March 2012
    BBC Radio Devon
    On John Govier's show to chat about my books and my fundraising event for Dartmoor National Park Authority. I also took along my guitar and my son Alexander, who played bass with me on two songs.

  36. Sunday 11 March 2012
    Newstalk, Ireland
    Live interview about my work on the programme Talking History.

  37. Monday 16 January 2012
    BBC Four
    In the summer of 2011 I was filmed talking to Dr Janina Ramirez about Edward III at Portchester Castle. The interview appears in the second episode of the three-part series, entitled Illuminations: the Private Lives of Medieval Kings.

  38. Monday 19 September 2011
    BBC One
    Back in the spring the BBC came down to Moretonhampstead and filmed me in the parish church saying a few things about Edward III for the Windsor Castle episode of this series, presented by Fiona Bruce, and entitled The Queen's Palaces.

  39. Tuesday 5 April 2011
    BBC Two
    A couple of appearances on the medieval London episode of the series Filthy Cities, fronted by Dan Snow.

  40. Saturday 29 January 2011
    BBC Radio Devon
    Informal chat on John Govier's Saturday morning radio programme

  41. Sunday 31 October 2010
    Newstalk, Ireland
    Talking about Medieval Intrigue: decoding royal conspiracies on an edition of Talking History.

  42. Thursday 4 August 2010
    BBC Radio Four
    Talking to the presenter, Kirsty Lang, about writing historical fiction (as James Forrester) for an edition of Front Row.

  43. Saturday 3 July 2010
    BBC Radio Three
    Talking to the presenter, Lucy Skeaping, about Edward III and his reign for The Early Music Show. The Independent commented on it, calling it 'wonderfully atmospheric' - though I suspect that was directed more at the music than me.

  44. Thursday 24 June 2010
    The Late Show (Link 92.2FM)

    Talking to Jason McCrossan about 1415. This conversation is now available online.

  45. Sunday 1 November 2009
    BBC Radio Lincolnshire
    Talking about 1415: Henry V's Year of Glory.

  46. Monday 12 October 2009
    Exeter FM Radio
    Talking about my past books and new work, especially 1415: Henry V's Year of Glory.

  47. Saturday 3 October 2009
    BBC Radio Four
    Talking to John McCarthy about The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England for an edition of Excess Baggage.

  48. Tuesday 17 February 2009 (broadcast date)
    ABC Radio National, Australia
    An interview on The Book Show about visiting medieval England. You can download a version from the ABC website here.

  49. Friday 19 December 2008 (recording date)
    BBC Radio Ulster
    Talking to the presenter, William Crawley, on an edition of Sunday Sequence about The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England. Aired on a Sunday in January 2009, I seem to recall.

  50. 25 February 2008
    Channel Four
    Interviewed at Lambeth Palace for a Time Team Special, 'The Real Knights of the Round Table'

  51. 17 April 2006
    BBC Radio Four
    Talking with Andrew Marr on Start the Week about 'Edward III, the Perfect King'

  52. 17 March 2006
    Sky News
    Live, half-hour discussion on 'Why do we celebrate St Patrick's day more than St George's day?'

  53. 14 October 2003
    BBC Radio Gloucester
    Live interview at Cheltenham Literary Festival.

  54. March 2003
    BBC Radio Four
    An interview on the Today Programme about 'Traitors'. Terrified the living daylights out of me. Sarah Montague did not stick to the questions about 14th-century England arranged with the programme researcher but asked me on air, how we might provoke one of Saddam Hussein's inner circle to betray him. Media baptism by fire!